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Title: LIDO Telecommunications Essentials® eLearning series

Format: Web-based multimedia elearning

Pre-Requisites: None

Certification: The LIDO Organization offers our Certified Telecoms Professional certification, based on the successful completion of the exams included in the elearning curriculum. In order to pass the exams and receive the certification, a score of at least 75% correct responses must be achieved.

Author and Publisher: The LIDO Organization, Inc.

Learn how to think telecom with LIDO Telecommunications Essentials®, the world's leading e-Learning tutorial for anyone requiring a working knowledge of the telecommunications industry.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials®, a comprehensive 34 hour rich-media curriculum, demystifies the complex telecom industry, concepts and terminology, explaining the fundamental principles of telecom technologies and networks, as well as key applications and prominent business issues. Presented in four parts, LIDO Telecommunications Essentials® provides a thorough understanding of the entire telecommunications landscape in an effective presentation by internationally renowned telecommunications expert, Lillian Goleniewski.

Topics covered include:

  • communications fundamentals,
  • transmission media,
  • circuit versus packet switching,
  • public switched telephone networks,
  • data communications basics,
  • local area networking,
  • wide area networking,
  • Internet and IP infrastructures,
  • IP services and converged networks,
  • next generation networks,
  • optical networking,
  • broadband access alternatives,
  • wireless communication principles,
  • wireless WANs, MANs, LANs, and PANs,
  • broadband wireless access, and
  • emerging mobile applications.

LIDO Telecommunications Essentials eLearning is a software-delivered program with 34 hours of dynamic multimedia lectures, simultaneous transcripts, accompanying slide shows and animations, downloadable transcripts and powerpoints, and clickable links to supporting educational resources, as well as quizzes to test student understanding.

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Part 1: Communications Fundamentals Overview

Part 2: Data Networking and the Internet Overview

Part 3: Next Generation Networks Overview

Part 4: Wireless Communications Overview

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LIDO Telecommunications Essentials® 4 Part Series
Single-user License $495

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